NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation

CareOne Massachusetts  Management, a premier manager of health care services that operates 34 Skilled Nursing Facilities in New England and beyond, offers 3 specialty NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation Programs in Massachusetts.

With an industry-leading focus on quality care and strong management principles, CareOne Massachusetts is becoming one of the finest and most well-regarded Health Care Management companies in the country.

For more information about our NeuroBehavioral rehabilitation services, please contact us directly at: 1-800-811-3535.

CareOne Centers offer the highest standards of care in warm, welcoming, professionally managed Care Centers. At the three Care One Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Programs, we specialize in rendering compassionate, empowering care to patient populations with acquired organicity (brain injuries, strokes, dementia’s, encephalitis, meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington Disease, Lewie Body Dimentia, Epilepsy, HIV-related leuko- encephalopathy, and other mild to major neurocognitive disorders), that have often repeatedly failed in other programs or facilities, at both institutional (adult/group/ALP/SNFs, etc.) and supported community-based levels. The “lowest common denominator/LCD” is not by diagnostic category, but rather, the unique combination of cognitive, behavioral, psychiatric, and medical issues that derive from chronic, complex, clinical populations. We can clinically accept Residents that nearby programs cannot, and have not, now or in the past.

Co-morbid to the neurobehavioral disorders, psychiatric illness/symptoms, substance use disorders, and chronic medical conditions are common, and are the rule, not the exception. A full range of medical, nursing, and psychological/psychiatric services are provided, and those who have detoxed and in early recovery are a welcome! An in-house substance use disorder (SUD) program includes individual SA counseling, internal and community AA meetings, random urine screens, acupuncture for those with addictions, leisure skills training supportive of a sober lifestyle; Resident’s “sign on” to these conditions via behavioral contract upon admit.

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