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It’s time to give your home a safety makeover

When it comes to living at home as you age, taking a few simple precautions can help maximize your safety, your health—and your independence. Keep these stay-safe guidelines in mind:

Floors, halls and stairs

Avoid floor rugs that can move easily. Instead, use rugs with no-skid backing or tape to secure them to the floor. Be sure to remove trip-and-fall hazards like clutter, tables or power cords. And keep hallways and staircases well-lit, especially at night (a night-light in hallways can help). On staircases and outside steps, make sure handrails are sturdy, and have any loose or broken steps repaired.


Practice cooking safely by always watching food when cooking (especially in the oven or on the stove) and unplugging small appliances, like coffee makers or toaster ovens, after use. A fire extinguisher should be kept nearby at all times in case of emergency.


Since slipping is a big bathroom hazard, it’s a good idea to install hand rails and a no-slip mat in the bathtub or shower. Also remember to dry the bathroom floor after bathing or showering to avoid falls.

Everyday safety and security

Common-sense measures include keeping a first-aid kit handy; posting emergency numbers in a convenient place; making sure electrical outlets and cords are in good working condition; and checking the locks on doors and windows to ensure your home’s security.

Need help at home?

If, despite your best efforts, living independently at home becomes a challenge, home care programs can make it possible for you to continue enjoying your home while receiving the assistance you need.

CareOne’s skilled nursing and assisted living centers have several programs to help you live your best at home, including Next Step Home, which is offered at all CareOne centers. Next Step Home ensures a safe, healthy transition to the home environment, with condition-specific therapy, training and continuing support as patients prepare to return home. For more information, call 877-99-CARE1.

October 16, 2015 | Posted by CareOne | Filed in Resources