How a World War II Vet Chose CareOne

I received a call on a recent Sunday from my ninety-four year old grandfather, David Guido.  He was asking my advice regarding his arm, which he reported was swollen, red and painful.  Being that he lives almost two hours from me and I was not able to visualize his problem (and he has not yet mastered taking pictures on a Smartphone!), I strongly encouraged him to have his arm evaluated in the Emergency Department.

He lives with his wife, Mary, on the second floor of a two-family home.  Severe arthritis in both of his knees has limited his mobility over the years.  He relies on a walker and uses a chairlift to exit his home.  He no longer drives. My grandfather is a stoic man and is fiercely independent.  He is a Marine, the  oldest living drill Instructor in the country, and survived multiple injuries on three separate occasions  while leading his platoon during combat in World War 2.

After calling 911 for transport, this proud man decided he would meet the paramedics at the bottom of the stairs. Unfortunately, he fell while navigating the stairs and sustained large hematomas on both of his legs. He was admitted to Mount Auburn hospital for treatment of his arm infection and leg injuries.  He was offered short term rehab—which he refused, much to our family’s dismay— and was discharged home with VNA and PT services.

Approximately one week after his discharge, his visiting nurse became concerned with his wounds and he was sent back to Mount Auburn. Once again, the dreaded conversation resurfaced.  For two days, our countless pleas for him to consider short term rehab were met with an emphatic, “I’m NOT going. I’m going home with Mary.”  To make matters worse, Mary was in agreement!  Our family was wrought with panic.

I explained the situation to my colleague and Mount Auburn liaison, Henna Chatterjee, who offered to meet with my grandfather.  They had a good conversation, and even laughed together, as she said to him gently, “You have graduated from the hospital, but not to go home.”  She further explained he was not going to a nursing home: “That’s for old people and you are not old!” Henna assured him the plan was for his eventual return home to Mary.  Henna quickly was able to gain his trust and develop an easy rapport with him.  By the end of their conversation, he was telling her what a beauty she is!

Henna called me laughing to inform me Grandpa had accepted her bed offer at CareOne Lexington.  I was overwhelmed with joy, not to mention very impressed she was able to accomplish what none of his close family members were able to do.  Our family dubbed Henna as nothing short of a miracle worker!  I thanked Henna immensely to which she responded, “Of course. Your family is my family.”

Grandpa has now settled in to his beautiful, private room at CareOne and is receiving the wound care and Physical Therapy he needs to begin his way back home.  I am forever grateful to Henna, who potentially saved his life, and I’m proud to be part of the CareOne family that not only cares for and does great things for patients, but each other as well.

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