CareOne Facilities in Concord, Lexington and Brookline Join the Legion of CareOne Providers in Massachusetts as the Highest Rated Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Nation

CONCORD, MA – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) doesn’t hand out five-star quality ratings lightly, reserving that distinction for just 10 percent of skilled nursing facilities across the country. That honor has now been bestowed upon three additional CareOne facilities in Brookline, Concord and Lexington, bringing to seven the number of CareOne facilities in Massachusetts that have been rated as tops in the nation.

“It’s easy to say you are the best and we take great pride in saying but being rated among the best by the federal agency that is exacting in its quality ratings is the equivalent of winning an Oscar for all the hard work you do every day,” said CareOne at Concord Administrator Christie Quinlan. “This is an affirmation of who we are as a company, but it really comes down to our staff and their insistence that little things matter when it comes to taking care of our residents. We could not be prouder of the work that our employees do every day.”
At a time when state and federal Medicaid support for nursing home residents is insufficient to cover the true cost of care, the CMS five-star rating for these facilities is particularly noteworthy as 70 percent of nursing home residents are supported through Medicaid. That inequity in funding has roiled nursing homes around the country as they attempt to maintain essential and high-quality services without adequate funding to support staff wages which is the most essential expense for quality outcomes.

The Five-Star Rating system was designed to establish a benchmark for quality care so that families could evaluate the level of quality at nursing facilities when they were looking to place a loved one in skilled nursing care. The assessment by CMS is based on state health inspections that rate nursing facilities on everything from the number of past consumer complaints to the adequacy of staffing and the quality of nursing, food and other essential services.

According to the CMS Nursing Home Compare website Nursing Home Compare CMS evaluates more than 12 million assessments and quality measures when determining which nursing homes should attain its highest rating, including information about physical and clinical measures for nursing home residents, use of antipsychotic medications in both long-stay and short-stay residents, and how well nursing homes are caring for their residents’ physical and clinical needs.

“It is hard to overstate how important this rating is to our facility and to the employees who do this important work every day,” said CareOne at Lexington Administrator John Eakins. “And as difficult as it is to attain a 5-Star rating, we all understand that it is harder to maintain that level of quality without hard work and a dedication to the best and most compassionate care we are capable of providing.”
CareOne at Brookline Administrator Jonathan Schreck, said he has been inspired by the ethic that his employees exhibit every day in their work. “There are not a lot of other professions that demand this level of commitment from their employees, but there is simply no other way to do this work day in and day out if you are not highly focused on your residents and their families and making them as comfortable and content as you possibly can.”

CareOne facilities in Beverly, Holyoke, Millbury and Wilmington have also achieved and sustained the 5-Star CMS rating.

About CareOne
CareOne LLC is a New Jersey-based, founded by Daniel E. Straus, specializing in assisted living and skilled nursing centers across eight states, which admit and discharge over 20,000 patients annually. In addition to providing high-quality care to its residents, CareOne has been recognized for its philanthropic work on behalf of breast cancer research, cancer support for its employees and intervention in disasters affecting its employees like Hurricane Sandy and the hurricane that devasted Puerto Rico. To date, CareOne has organized to raise more than $10 million for relief and aid efforts while engaging employees to respond to these needs and disasters.
Last year, 2017. CareOne was the recipient of the 2017 Pinnacle Quality Insight’s Customer Experience Award.

June 6, 2018 | Posted by Benjamin Grannick | Filed in Blog