What Our Patients Say

At CareOne, our first-rate accommodations and compassionate, highly skilled care are unmatched in the short-term care, rehabilitation and long-term care industries. How do we know? Our patients and residents tell us so.

Here's what they have to say:

"My care at CareOne At Newton has been Fantastic. Everyone including the nursing and therapists are very good. It’s a wonderful friendship you build with them. -Oniell "
"This is my second stay at CareOne at Newton. Here, this time with my other knee. The therapists are great. I would come back here again and would recommend this place to anyone. It’s a wonderful place. -Noyes "
"Thank you CareOne at Newton for giving me a great experience! Thank you to all the nursing staff and therapists. Especially, Eliza-PT and Misty-COTA for pushing to achieve my best. Now, I’m able to return home -Rosario "
"When I arrived at CareOne at Newton on Feb 14th 2017, I could hardly get out of bed or walk. With the help of my great therapists Maradel-PT and Misty-COTA, I was able to get back on my feet and walk again independently with my rollator. They were persistent and caring during my recovery process. Today, I’m able to return home. Thank you CareOne at Newton. -Campbell"
"To the Staff of the CareOne at Concord, As you know, I was recently injured and needed extensive surgery. As an independent and active woman, I was initially overwhelmed at the thought of trying to manage on my own.  When I learned about your facility as an option, the decision of rehabilitating at CareOne was easy. From the moment I arrived to the day I went home, your professional and knowledgeable staff turned a difficult time into a positive one. My physical therapists were patient and taught me how to manage my injury safely. All the nurses and aides were great; dietary and environmental services were also quick to respond and maintained a clean place to heal. I would like to especially thank my nursing assistant. Not only did she check on me often, responded to the call bell quickly, but she assisted me with my bathroom and showering needs with respect and dignity. Once again, thank you to all the Nursing directors and floor nurses, Social Services, Admissions and the many knowledgeable friendly faces that came to my room to make certain all my needs were met. I am home recuperating and feel confident because I was prepared by the CareOne family.    "
-Susan P., former CareOne patient
"The care was perfect... I have to say, the people here were just wonderful. The care was wonderful. I felt like I was part of the family."
-L.P., former CareOne patient
"I love the fact that [my husband] is here. The care he’s getting here is like no [other] care. Anybody that needs to go to a [nursing] home, I recommend CareOne … The exceptional care that he has gotten you will not find anywhere else."
-P.S., wife of a CareOne resident
"Between the nurses and the physical therapy, I’ve come a long way. And I couldn’t have done it without them."
-E.S., CareOne patient
"I’m so happy I went there because there’s no way I would’ve done as much physical therapy at home myself. I would’ve given up. The physical therapist who worked with me … was really good."
-C.P., former CareOne patient
"Thanks to CareOne, now I get to enjoy retirement again."
-J.A., former CareOne patient
"[My father] always told me how well [the aides] treated him and was very appreciative of the care he received. I’m glad he was able to be in such a highly rated facility as yours."
-T.M., son of a former CareOne patient
"If it wasn’t for the people at CareOne, I really don’t know if I would be able to [race] again; they gave me the confidence I needed to recover. I was just another patient, but I was treated like a king."
-R.S., former CareOne patient
"I love it here. You need anything, [the nurses] are right here to help you. I love them all."
-M.W., CareOne resident
"I didn't think anybody could care for my mother better than I could … but gladly, I was wrong"
-M.W., daughter of a CareOne resident