About Us – NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation

CareOne Massachusetts is a national Health Care Management company comprised of leading clinical and operations professionals with extensive experience in NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation.

For more information about our Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation services, please contact us directly at: 1-800-811-3535.

While we are licensed as skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s), our residential neurobehavioral care transpires in physical and social environments that are fundamentally different than seen in typical nursing homes. The populations are younger, more active, and there are a high number of both therapeutic and leisure groups throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. All units, stairwells, and buildings are Secure (NOT locked), with numeric keypads to ensure safety for the cognitively impaired and behaviorally disturbed who have wandering and elopement risks. Yet, there are plenty of hallways, dayrooms, front lobby areas, Activities rooms, and rehab gyms in each building; also, the facilities have back yards which are fenced, with features unique to each, such as walking paths, basketball net, volleyball court, healing gardens, horticultural greenhouse; all have designated smoking areas, awnings for inclement weather, patio furniture, and picnic tables.

CareOne Massachusetts sets high standards, providing operational and clinical direction to Health Care Centers of Excellence, ensuring outstanding clinical practices and optimal operational outcomes.

Our Mission

Through a collaborative and consultative approach, we strive to provide a framework of strength and stability for the Centers we serve. We work to maintain the highest standards of care and service for Residents, families and our valued employees. Backed by our collective decades of experience in health care services, our Mission is to continue to define excellence in the nursing and rehabilitation industry.

Our Vision

With a focus on high quality care and strong management principles, CareOne Massachusetts will become a leader in the NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation management industry. Demonstrating proficiency in managing the delivery of Rehabilitative Medicine and optimal operational outcomes, CareOne Massachusetts will become the leading management company and employer of choice in the skilled nursing care industry.

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